If you have any questions about how to pack, send your Li-ion battery with or without the tool, please choose from the options below for professional advice. 
Please check to see if your battery has any of the defective characteristics listed below:

- Damaged or heavily deformed housing.
- Leaking fluid.
- Abnormal gas or smell of gas.
- Tangible increase in temperature in 'off' mode (more than lukewarm).
- Melted or deformed plastic parts.
- Melted wires.

If the battery has any of these characteristics, the battery is a critically defective one and it is not permitted for transportation.

If the battery has none of these characteristic, it is not critical and a transportation is permitted with the restrictions you will find in the following steps.

I confirm my battery has none of the characteristics described in red above and I will take care of the following

my battery is critical and I cannot carry

Note: You can check with your local authorities the further requirements in regard to the transport of critical goods. 

Product type / Battery type

With or without?

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